Smart Strategies for Choosing Your First Apartment


(NewsUSA) - Whether you are a recent college graduate, a grad student in a new city or a young professional shifting gears into a new job, finding your first home as an independent adult can seem daunting, but a few key points can put you on the path to your own place.         

Pick a location. If you are in graduate school or have taken a new job, your location may already be predetermined. For those looking to move for a fresh start, mid-sized cities such as Colorado Springs, Boston, Seattle and Milwaukee have been gaining traction among young professionals for their blend of affordable housing, diverse social life and variety of entertainment options.     

Determine wants vs. needs. How much space do you need? Will you have roommates or pets? Think about what suits your lifestyle. Would you like to live in a high-rise building that includes amenities such as a gym, or a pool, or would you like to live in a three-flat apartment that’s on a quiet neighborhood street? Make a checklist of must-haves and nice-to-haves before your start your search.     

Make safety a priority. Being new to a city or area can make you feel vulnerable, which is why knowing what security measures a building uses can go a long way toward feeling safe and comfortable at home.     

Since safety and security start at the front door, check to see what type of entryway system the building has. The latest systems feature intuitive technology that provide residents with the ability to open the door from an app on their smartphone and the ability to visually confirm who’s requesting access, such as a friend, delivery driver or service worker..     

One example of this technology is the award-winning LiftMaster Smart Video Intercom powered by myQ.® With a smart video intercom such as LiftMaster at the property’s entrance, residents can safely unlock the door or gate from the myQ Community app and verify guests’ identities before granting them entry to the building or community from their smartphone. You can rest easy knowing that all visitors who enter your building are logged and accounted for.     

When choosing your apartment, ask about security. It’s as important as asking about parking, pets and plumbing features.     

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